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We are in urgent need of support to continue operating, please help our work with a donation

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Please book your historical workshops with us, and we will come to you (within the Toronto area), while over the coming weeks the museum undergoes structural work and is temporarily inaccessible.
Please enquire by email...

 11 Irwin Road, Etobicoke, ON M9W 2P6

Natasha Fares
leads our monthly kids workshops.
Email to book a slot.

We have three very special projects currently in development. 

1 A book about the LEM's story which will include an
in-depth study of some artefacts.

2 A descriptive audio tour of LEM, especially
for the visually impaired.

3 And a major top secret project which will
only be shared with select donors.

Legion Experience Museum

We are an independent subset of the Royal Canadian Legion, located in the community of Etobicoke in the west end of Toronto, Canada. Our accessible and child-friendly space offers several fascinating stories of the Canadian Military; especially from the homefront, women, 2SLGBTQ+, BIPOC

communities and other less heard-of points of view.


Our mission is, together, we are creating an inclusive and diverse space where anyone can remember and be inspired by the past and learn about our ancestors many sacrifices.

Our vision is to honor the veterans of the past and their families today, by exposing in a respectful, educational, experiential way key elements of history, women and other human diversity in history which are available to us.

Our values are Inclusivity, Integrity, Education, Impact, Innovation, and Community.

We rely on volunteer efforts and donations.

Please consider supporting our journey by becoming a Patreon.

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